Commercial mats

Commercial entrance mats

Our professional floor mat service ensures your business has a freshly laundered mat at intervals to suit your needs.
Depending on the nature of your business and how harsh the traffic going in and out of your premises daily will determine the frequency the mats will need replacing.

Our team of specialists will deliver and lay the commercial mat for a specified time frame chosen by yourself, we will then pick the mat up and replace it with another fresh one whilst we launder and professionally clean it before replacing it on the next visit and the process repeats ensuring you always have a fresh clean mat.

Benefits of Commercial mats:

  • Prevents slips and trips in the workplace reducing the risk of compensation claims.
  • Brand awareness – our personalised entrance mats with your company logo on can really set you apart from your competitors.
  • Protects the floor entrances which increases the longevity of the floor itself.
  • A safe one stop solution to eliminating health and safety risks.

“A one stop solution for all your hygiene and healthcare requirements.”

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