We often get asked  ‘ How often should our business have it’s carpets cleaned?’ well there’s no one size that fit’s all answer when it comes to putting a periodic cleaning schedule together.

Here a few factors which will determine the right schedule for your business,


  • How much foot traffic is in carpeted the area? Higher traffic areas will need more frequent professional cleaning. for the best carpet cleaners in Swansea reach out to One Stop Solutions.
  • How well are you taking care of the carpet daily or weekly? Daily vacuuming helps extend the time between professional carpet cleanings.
  • Do you address spills while they are still spots rather than stains? Promptly cleaning up spills prevents them from setting into stubborn, unsightly stains, extending the periods between professional cleaning.
  • Is there an exterior entrance door immediately adjacent to the carpet? Carpet near exterior doors is naturally exposed to more dirt, mud, and water than carpet further inside the building, especially during rainy and snowy seasons.
  • Are you using commercial grade mats near exterior doors and in other high traffic areas? Fifteen feet of commercial matting keeps much of the dirt, mud, and water from reaching the carpet.
  • Are the mats big enough to really protect the carpet? Contact One Stop Solutions Commercial cleaning Swansea to assess your building and recommend the proper matting solutions for your specific needs. Properly maintaining commercial-grade matting is much less expensive to maintain than frequently replacing the carpet or refinishing floors.
  • Are the mats vacuumed and cleaned regularly? Mats can only hold so much dirt and water. To maximize their protection, vacuum and clean the mats at least as frequently as your carpets and floor.

One Stop Solutions Swansea carpet cleaning proudly service local authority cleaning contracts daily and are additionally trusted to take care of all their commercial carpet cleaning services across multiple comprehensive schools in Swansea. With fully trained operatives and the latest innovative equipment your in safe hands when looking for a commercial carpet cleaning service in Swansea and the surrounding areas. For ‘Commercial carpet cleaning near me’ One Stop Solutions Swansea will be the chosen commercial cleaning contractor to service and maintain your premises.

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