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At One Stop Solutions we specialise in the restoration and conservation of historic and listed buildings.

 It is vital that these buildings are preserved and protected to be cherished for generations to come.

Like us, buildings will age and their life can be prolonged with proper care, treatment and maintenance.

We provide a range of services to restore and protect historic and listed building.

We believe in using the right tools and correct method for the job. Our intentions are to clean the surface of stone, brickwork or other materials without damaging the substrate or altering its natural appearance. Different buildings need different cleaning approaches. For example, our aim when cleaning an historic building or monument is to make it look clean – not new. On the other hand, with modern buildings the aim is usually to make the façade look as new as possible. Whatever the scenario, careful planning and selection of methods,  equipment and their application are paramount to a successful outcome.

The DOFF system is a steam based stone cleaning system. It is not like any other steam system and it is able to reach temperatures of 150c at the nozzle end. The operator of the system is able to vary the temperature and pressure to remove either many types of paint or biological matter. All operatives are fully trained & accredited in the use of the Doff System. Using this method means no chemical biocides are required & pressure on the surface being cleaned is very gentle.

Offering cost effective cleaning and maintenance services One Stop Solutions Swansea is the chosen Restoration cleaning company in the South Wales area and carry out work for local authorities and other businesses in a range of sectors.

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