There is no denying the fact that floors  in commercial buildings receive high volumes of traffic, which requires regular cleaning that can be tiresome and time consuming to accomplish using conventional methods.

The commercial floor scrubber-dryers make the job of cleaning the floors much easier than it would be using a mop & bucket! There are many businesses such as, Production Facilities, Government & Local Authorities / Councils, Manufacturing, Retail & Schools and other places that have large number of visitors on a daily basis, and therefore find this type of equipment is extremely beneficial to perform the cleaning job in a hassle free manner.

Here are a few key benefits.


One of the most valuable benefits of floor scrubber dryers, compared to traditional cleaning methods, is that they enable safer cleaning. Traditional methods will often use a lot of water and leave your flooring wet and potentially hazardous for a long time post-clean.

In a commercial setting, this could lead to customers falling and injuring themselves; in industrial premises, productivity may suffer as wet areas will have to be avoided. A scrubber dryer does not leave floors wet after cleaning due to its inbuilt vacuum which dries the cleaned areas as it goes along – this is much safer and much more efficient.

More effective

Scrubber dryer equipment provides a better quality clean than using a mop and bucket. The mop and bucket method can be susceptible to merely diluting and spreading the dirt instead of eliminating it from your floors.

In contrast, a scrubber dryer uses cleaning chemicals to break down and loosen dirt, grease and grime, the scrubber then dislodges the dirt and shines the floor, and lastly, the vacuum removes all residue. This system leaves you with exceptionally clean floors, with the machine doing all the hard work.

Our Deep cleaning floor services are effective in any sector and our fully trained operatives have the knowledge to restore and maintain your floors.

More hygienic

Most people don’t consider how unhygienic traditional methods can be. Consider the fact that, when using a mop and bucket, you will be using the same dirtied water across a large area when trying to clean. This is counter-intuitive as you will inevitably spread some of the dirt and germs with every mop stroke.

A scrubber dryer uses a lot less water and never works with pre-used water during the cleaning process; this allows a much more hygienic and productive clean.

Time saving

Particularly in large premises – for example, warehouses or sports halls – cleaning can take an exceedingly long time if traditional methods are employed. This will not only create high labour costs, but will also require a lot of physical exertion.

Alternatively, scrubber dryers provide a quick and efficient cleaning solution which requires less chemical and reduced water.

Here at One Stop Solutions Commercial Cleaning Swansea we have invested in the latest innovative scrubber dryers to service our clients throughout South Wales, giving them peace of mind that their premises is getting the hygienic and safe clean at all times.

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