When it comes to running your business, utilising a commercial cleaning company can prove absolutely essential to a smooth, profitable operation. With such a range of great, competitively priced and reliable services out there, let One Stop Solutions be your first point of contact when it comes to a commercial cleaning provider in Swansea.

First Impressions

We believe that first impressions never have a second chance.

Keeping your business clean is one of the essential strategies of any business organization to maintain their image and stay ahead in the competition. A work place must have a clean and professional appearance to match the level of service it gives to its clients.

 Promote a Healthy Workplace

The pandemic has reinforced the importance of a healthy workspace. Now, more than ever, your employees need a clean, healthy work environment. Maintaining a clean workspace gives them peace of mind to come to work each day and raises productivity across the workforce. An unhealthy environment can lead to allergies, headaches, colds, flu, and other health issues.

Regular cleaning reduces the risk of illness spread and improves the air quality of your business.

  • Poor office sanitation regime causes a dent of billions to the UK economy in sick days

Poor sanitation standards are actually when one employee in the office becomes ill and the illness quickly spreads. Allergens and viruses such as flu and common cold get passed on when people don’t bother to wash their hands and touch the common surface such as water dispenser, push plates, keyboards and other hotspots.

The financial loss occurs as a result when the productivity is lost due to the sick workforce reporting absenteeism, adding up to billions of losses to the UK economy.

Here at One Stop Solutions we have invested in the latest state of the art equipment to deal with Touch-Point cleaning and ensure the job is carried out to the highest of standards.

  • 80% of illnesses spread through contact with contaminated surfaces

The majority of such disease-causing microbes are transported to surfaces when they are touched with contaminated hands.

After sneezing and coughing your employees touch the devices such as keyboard, door handles, coffee mugs, printer buttons, etc.

Focus your time on the day to day running of your business

Have you considered the alternative to a Commercial cleaning company?  You’d be looking at either setting up an in-house cleaning team, or splitting the cleaning roles between existing staff. Neither of those are great options for a variety of reasons.

Setting up an in-house team is time-consuming, awkward and potentially difficult. You have to recruit, manage and employ a selection of experienced cleaners, paying holiday, maternity and other tax expenses, as well as salary.

You’d have to juggle staff when someone is off sick. You also need to look at the purchasing of various specialised equipment and cleaning materials. Alternatively, you can delegate cleaning roles between existing staff, but this is pretty likely to have the knock on effect of demoralizing staff, as well as potentially not providing the top standard cleaning job you can expect from a commercial cleaning company. Utilising a commercial cleaning company is definitely a lot easier on management, and leaves them able to focus on less mundane matters, and optimise your company’s profits, projects or expansion.

One Stop Solutions is one of the chosen Commercial cleaning companies in the Swansea and South Wales area for businesses across a wide range of sectors. Reliable, transparent and consistent standards is why other businesses put their faith in us and let us take care of their cleaning requirements.

Don’t just take our word for it!

‘Having struggled with the previous cleaning contractor, we reached out to Andrew to discuss our needs as an NHS facility. He implemented a bespoke cleaning schedule which has over exceed our expectations in each area of our business. ‘


 (NHS Facility)


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