Your business premises needs to be clean if you want to continue to impress your clients and keep your employees healthy. But we don’t just mean taking out the rubbish. It needs to go above and beyond surface-level cleaning. Businesses should have professional cleaning companies that will come in after closing to disinfect, vacuum, and take out the rubbish. Since there are hundreds of “professional” cleaning companies on the market today, hiring a legitimate company doesn’t seem like a task that would require a lot of effort. However, there are integral differences between “professional” service and a good, high-quality, professional cleaning company. Many businesses find this out the hard way and end up switching cleaning companies due to one, or more, of the following reasons.

1. Unclear, or Unfair, Prices

Some cleaning companies make it difficult to understand the total price of their services. Confusion during the bidding process should be considered a red flag. If a cleaning company isn’t transparent with you and instead makes the whole thing seem sketchy, don’t sign a contract with them. If you’re stuck in a contract with them already, find a way out and switch cleaning companies. More often than not an ambiguous contract will mean a reduction in quality, professionalism, and dependability. Make sure you know exactly what you’re signing up for in terms of pricing so you can budget adequately and avoid hidden costs.

2. Workforce Problems

A good, trustworthy cleaning company should be able to manage and control their employees without any problems. Unfortunately, when working with low-quality cleaning companies, sometimes their problems can become your problems. If your cleaning company is taking shortcuts, you’ll likely walk into your corporate office only to find that the cleaning job is sub-par and not ready to host clients for the day. This has the potential to then affect your business, which is far from ideal. You shouldn’t be losing money because of a cleaning company’s workforce. You need to find a company that has low turnover, adequate training, and delivers consistent, high-quality results. You should also prioritize companies that require background checks and screening.

3. Too Many Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time. Human error is a part of life. If you make a mistake, the most important thing is to learn from it and better yourself. So how many mistakes are too many? That’s up to you to decide. However, one major reason that commercial cleaning clients switch to a new cleaning company is that they’ve decided the cleaners have made too many mistakes. If you continuously open your doors to find inadequate cleaning services, neglected areas, or damaged equipment, it will be frustrating.

Instead, we recommend finding a cleaning company that is committed to quality control. When there is a higher level of quality control, work will be checked, then double-checked, to ensure that no mistakes are made and no areas go un-cleaned.

4. Poor or Outdated Equipment

The type of equipment your cleaning company uses makes a difference. As a whole, the cleaning industry has come a long way in the past few years. Equipment is more efficient, products are better at tackling germs, and there are more environmentally friendly ways to get the job done with the same high-quality results. However, high-quality, efficient equipment usually comes with a higher price tag. There are a lot of companies that don’t want to invest their money in new supplies or equipment, which then reflects in their quality of work. When companies continue to use outdated equipment, it means that they’re probably cutting corners in other ways and over-charging you for their services. Don’t waste your money by investing in a company that doesn’t invest in itself.


One Stop Solutions is one of the leading commercial cleaning companies in Swansea and the South Wales area. We service daily contracts with local councils and other large organisations. Through continuous re-investment and training we are able to exceed our clients expectations and our client retention rate speaks for itself.

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