One of the most important contributors to office productivity is cleanliness. Indeed, a dirty, disorganised workplace can negatively affect one’s mental focus, emotions, and behaviour. All of this is not to mention how clutter and grime can easily become health hazards when left unchecked.

One of the main issues faced is that  people have different cleaning and tidying habits. One person may be more conscientious about keeping their workspace neat, while another can be a little more haphazard. This makes keeping your office spick-and-span a little tricky.

Fortunately, there are simple solutions that can help change cleaning habits in the office. Here are some tips to follow so you and your colleagues can maintain an environment that’s conducive to efficiency and effectivity:

Clean More Often

One of the best things to do to inspire and cultivate a culture of cleanliness in the office is to simply clean more often. Get in touch with a reputable commercial cleaning company and discuss your options in terms of a robust cleaning schedule.

It’s also a good idea to have your office deep-cleaned every so often. Get in touch with One Stop Solutions Swansea to see what kind of arrangements can be made to benefit your business.

As everyone in the office gets used to a cleaner environment the workplace will be a more efficient healthier place for the staff and its visitors.

Minimise the Paper Trail

When it comes to office clutter, one of the biggest culprits is paper. From envelopes and sticky notes to folders and printed emails, there’s no shortage of paper waste in the workplace.

Fortunately, paper waste can be recycled. Unfortunately, not all paper waste goes into the trash bin. Some of them get stuck on top of desks or inside of filing cabinets, completely forgotten and taking up valuable space.

To prevent the accumulation of paper waste, it’s best to minimise paper use in the first place. For example, there’s usually no need for a hard copy of an email. If you need to refer to its contents, then just bring it up on your computer or even your phone.

Certain documents such as employee handbooks should be made digital. This reduces the need for printing, which reduces your organisation’s expenses in this regard. Having digital files also makes revisions and updates so much easier.

Keep Cords Out of Sight

There are times when things are actually quite organised in the office but things still look messy. The likely culprit? Visible and tangled wires and cords.

To keep things looking sleek, get used to using wireless keyboards, mice, and other peripherals. For accessories and appliances that can’t be used without cables, invest in wire organisers or holders.

With wires and cords out of the way, things will look much neater. It’s also much safer, since there are fewer tripping hazards

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