8 Top Factors Affecting Commercial Cleaning Quotes

By studying these elements, you can figure out if the company is going overboard with the price for its services. It’s worth noting that cleaning companies that charge much less than their competitors are likely to save on equipment, cleaning products, and experienced personnel.

1. Property Size

The bigger your commercial property is, the more money you should expect to pay for cleaning it. Some service providers may set pricing depending on the floor space. A cleaning company should visit the site before providing a quote.

2. Cleaning time

Depending on the type of business you are in, you may or may not feel comfortable with the cleaning specialists doing their job during working hours.

If you want the cleaning team to come in the evening, you’ll pay less than if they work during office hours or on weekends.

3. Scope of Work

How dirty is your property? Do you require post-construction cleaning or regular maintenance? The price you pay depends on how long it takes the team to finish its job. If it has been a while since you’ve hired a professional cleaner, it’s unreasonable to expect a low quote.

Most cleaning companies offer either regular or deep cleaning services. The prices for them vary. A deep cleaning may require extra cleaning products, longer working hours, and special equipment, thus increasing the price.

4. Frequency

Are you hiring a cleaning team for a one-time job? Or maybe you are planning to sign a contract for daily (weekly, monthly) cleanings? Most companies are happy to offer discounts to regular clients, thus decreasing the cost of each cleaning compared to single-time work.

5. Cleaning Products and Equipment

If you have special requirements for cleaning products, it could affect the quote.

In case you are planning to provide your own cleaning products rather than asking the company to bring its own, the total price is likely to decrease. Equipment can play a big part in a quote, if your premises needs scrubber dryers daily to tackle certain areas then these are certainly more costly than a mop and bucket.

6. Property Structure

How many windows, toilets, break rooms, and kitchens are located in your commercial area? These spaces require more effort to clean than hallways, meeting rooms, and waiting rooms. Their number affects the commercial cleaning price.

Such factors as furniture density, types of floor surfaces, and the number of floor levels, can increase the price as well. If you have special requests, expect them to increase the cost.

7. Appearance

Does the cleaning team come wearing uniforms and badges? Do the specialists arrive in a marked company vehicle? Then you can expect the price tag to be higher. The appearance of a cleaning team is often important to companies that hire them. Maintaining such appearances come at a certain cost.

8. Training

 Commercial property cleaning often requires  specialist cleaning such as high level. If there are platforms  involved, workers must receive special training to avoid accidents.

Respectable cleaning companies make sure their employees undergo such training regularly. These extra expenses also affect the cost of commercial cleaning services

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