If you are currently in contract with a commercial cleaning company, how do you know if they are providing a good level of service? When it comes to cleaning, appearances and scents can throw the real issues off course. The fact is, you need to look closely to determine how effective your cleaning company really is. Below, we review the various ways you can tell if your cleaners are doing a decent job (or not!).


A professional cleaning company and its staff will have good communication and itis vital to be able to deliver an effective commercial cleaning service. Your cleaners should keep in close contact with you, asking questions and clarifying issues prior and post cleaning. This will ensure any areas that need particular attention are focused on. It also gives you the opportunity to fine-tune the service to meet your exact requirements.

Personalised service

If you have built up a good relationship with your cleaners and they provide a personalised service, this will translate into high cleaning standards. When you feel you can trust your cleaners, this makes your job easier, knowing the work will be completed on time and to your expectations.

Correct equipment

A commercial cleaning company should have access to all the right tools for the job. This includes cleaning products and other janitorial equipment, such as industry-standard mop buckets and wringers, cloths, vacuums, PPE, disposables, and also health and safety equipment like ‘wet floor’ signs.

Good timekeeping

If you have arranged to have cleaning conducted on a regular basis, your cleaners should ideally arrive on time and on the day(s) agreed. Good timekeeping ensures your premises maintain a high level of cleanliness, helping to keep on top of dust and grime and keeping staff and customers as healthy as possible.

Management audits

A reliable commercial cleaning company will conduct regular management audits and spot checks. When choosing a cleaning company, it is important to establish whether management audits are included in the price. The most reputable firms will provide this service within their cleaning package to ensure the highest standards are maintained.

Customer feedback

Getting feedback from your customers is a sure fire sign that your cleaning company is performing well. When your premises are gleaming and free from dirt and dust, your customers appreciate it. Customer feedback is therefore one of the best methods you can use to establish the quality of your commercial cleaning company.

Consistent staffing

Another way to tell if your cleaners are doing a good job is consistent staffing. Although there may be times when it is simply not possible to have the same cleaning staff, having a regular, friendly face can make all the difference. Familiar staff will get to know your property, your likes and dislikes, enabling them to personalise the service to meet your expectations.

Cleaning standards

It is vital that you are happy with the standards provided by your commercial cleaners. When the quality of cleaning is high, you feel like you are getting great value for money. Sometimes your cleaning partners may slip and get lazy so it is important to keep an eye on the way they deliver their services. This way, you can ensure standards are consistently maintained

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