With everything going on in the world today, it’s more important than ever that your building be clean and sanitised. Even if you vacuum your office carpets regularly, they may not look clean because carpets in high-traffic areas tend to stain easily. With the help of professional cleaners, carpets can retain that new look, feel and smell of a new carpet for longer.

Here is a list of signs you may need to call the carpet cleaning professionals.

1. Unpleasant Smell

If there are no pets in the building and you still smell wet dog every time it rains, or if there’s a persistent musty odour that you just can’t shake, there’s a very good chance that it’s your office carpet.

This isn’t surprising. People track all sorts of things onto the carpet, and these things get embedded in the carpet pile to get stale and smelly. No matter how much you vacuum, it’s not going to be enough. To make your office look and smell cleaner, fresher, and brighter, get One Stop Solutions out to professionally clean the carpet.

2. There Are Visible Stains

Most office carpets are designed both to resist stains and to hide them in busy patterns, so if you can see stains in the office carpet, it’s way past due for a cleaning. It looks incredibly unprofessional to have a stained carpet where everyone can see it; after all, if you don’t even take care of something as basic as a dirty carpet, why should clients trust you to handle important or sensitive business? This also affects employee morale as they would not be motivated to work in a space that’s dirty and has stains. For commercial carpet cleaning services in Swansea, reach out to the professionals on 01792 439179.

3. You, or the People You Work with, Have Allergies

Allergies are a fact of life, but especially now, no one wants to be around people who are sniffling and sneezing. Carpets harbour dust, dander, and pollen; all of those are triggers for allergies. There’s no need for people in your office to feel miserable when a good steam cleaning can take care of it.

Cleaning your carpet will make you and your employees feel better. It’s a very small investment to garner a reduction in sick time and a raise in employee morale. Your employees want to have a comfortable work space, and clean carpets go a long way here. Also, both clients and employees are going to feel safer in an office where there is less coughing and sneezing.

4. You Can’t Remember the Last Time They Were Cleaned

If you can’t remember the last time you had the office carpet cleaned – or if it ever was – it’s way past time for a cleaning. Carpets should be cleaned regularly, which means at least twice a year, so if you know that it’s been way more than six months, it’s time to schedule a cleaning.

As discussed above, clean carpets help keep your employees healthy. Cleaning carpets also keeps the carpets themselves healthy too! They will last longer if the fibres aren’t weighed down by grime and debris, and they will look better for longer if the grime doesn’t have a chance to set in for years at a time.

5. You Want Them to Look Better

In this article, we’ve explained all the reasons why it’s good for you and your business to have clean carpets. But an intangible benefit is the pride you and your employees will feel when the office simply looks nice. A fresher, brighter, better-smelling carpet will make the whole office look and feel better.

If any of these signs above apply to your office carpets, it’s probably time to get a corporate commercial cleaning service out to spruce up your carpets and anything else that needs it as long as they’re there. Not only will this raise employee morale, but can also create a positive first impression for clients and visitors.

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