Among the various challenges facing business owners these days, maintaining a tidy work environment might seem trivial. But an office’s cleanliness is often a direct reflection of how the company operates.

A clean office says the company cares about quality and satisfaction, which is the common objective of successful businesses. On the other hand, a poorly kept office space gives the impression that the company is unconcerned about its image, employees, and customers.

Fairly or not, first impressions matter. They can set the tone for the business relationships that follow. With that in mind, here is what the state of your office might be saying about your company.

Your company pays attention to details.

A well-maintained office environment tells guests that your business is detail-orientated and quality-minded. As a result, current and would-be customers recognise that your company leaves nothing to chance when conducting business.

At the same time, visitors notice when your reception area, conference rooms, and restrooms need cleaning. They recognise fingerprint smudges on entryway doors and windows, dust on tables and desks, and unvacuumed floors as indicators of inattention. They’ll wonder, if your company ignores the presentation of its office, how much detail does it apply to its work?

Your company has everything under control.

Office neatness is essential to keeping clients and employees assured about your company’s capabilities. An orderly office tells customers that you do business the same way. In comparison, an unkempt office creates an impression of chaos and neglect and informs potential clients that you cannot care for your space—much less a new client.

In the minds of many customers, an office’s appearance directly reflects how a business operates. Potential clients might very well change their minds about conducting business with a company that seemingly struggles to keep its office clean.

Your company cares about its employees.

Employers are responsible for providing team members with a clean and well-maintained workspace. An untidy office is a turnoff for current and prospective employees alike. Existing workers will dismiss a company’s claims to care about their needs when management overlooks dirty working conditions. For their part, job applicants will struggle to see the company as a productive or stimulating work environment.

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