Here’s how to choose a cleaning team that will keep your commercial carpet looking sharp and preserve the long-term value of your investment:

1. Carpet Cleaning Method

Different companies use different commercial carpet cleaning methods. Depending on the types of carpet you have, the wrong method can damage your carpet.

For example, the dry (powder) method can yellow some carpets; while extraction (which used a lot of water) can degrade the carpets condition.

Also, keep in mind how the method of carpet cleaning will impact your building. For example, extraction can take much longer to dry than other methods. That means you’ll have to keep foot traffic off it for a longer period.

Know what method your carpet cleaner will use and any potential risks or downsides of that method for your carpet and building. For Swansea carpet cleaning, One Stop Solutions are trusted by local councils, NHS facilities and many more.

2. Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

There are literally thousands of different chemicals for cleaning commercial carpets out there. And, like all chemicals, they react in different ways to what they come in contact with. Using the wrong chemicals for your type of carpet can cause damage when applied frequently over time.

For example, chemicals with optical brighteners or a high alkaline level can eventually cause fading, yellowing or discoloration. Make sure you ask ahead of time about the chemicals a cleaner will use and if they can have any potential negative effects on the long-term life of your carpet.

Ask your carpet cleaner why they use the chemicals they use. If your looking for trusted and recommended Swansea carpet cleaners One Stop Solutions ticks all the boxes.

3. Cleaning Expertise

Just as important as the equipment being used are the people using it. If the people cleaning your carpets don’t have a strong understanding of how different chemicals affect different carpet types, or how to properly use their equipment, it can be bad news for your carpets.

For example, an unskilled carpet cleaning technician can leave too much water in your carpet or leave a chemical residue behind. This can lead to microbial growth (allergens), stains quickly reappearing, and long-term breakdown of your carpet.

Make sure you always have trained, experienced and certified technicians cleaning your carpets..

4. Value-Added Services

While methods and equipment may vary, every company will clean your carpet in some way. But what else? Do they offer any additional value that sets them apart? Sometimes the extras a company offers can make a big difference.

For example, it may be standard for one company to apply a fiber shield with each cleaning to protect your carpet from future staining. That could be something other companies don’t offer. Likewise, one company may include spot cleaning and repairs (cutting snags to prevent unraveling, etc.) within their standard service package, while another company does not. One Stop Solutions, for example, offers both of these services with our carpet cleanings.

Factor in the extras a company offers when gauging the overall quality and value of carpet cleaning services.

5. Customer Care

One final point—which should be a consideration with any company you work with—is the level of customer care they will provide. Sometimes you don’t really know this until after you’ve worked with a company, but you can typically get a sense of a company’s commitment and passion for the job upfront.

It’s also not a bad idea to ask about some of their other customers as a reference. Do they have customer testimonials they are willing to share or are posted on their website?

Pay attention to the little clues that can give you insight into the levels of customer care you will receive


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