No matter if it’s an office establishment or any other commercial facility, cleaning matters for them on equal measures. The cleanliness of your facility reflects your business and the way you operate.

But when it comes to hiring a commercial cleaning provider you might want to dig a bit deeper when choosing the right one.

Seems scary enough, right? Yes, and that’s why you need to make sure that the company you are considering hiring are not just good at what they do but are honest and reliable.

For Commercial cleaning Swansea, One Stop Solutions are the leading competitor when it comes to an honest and reliable commercial cleaning service. As approved contractors of Swansea Council, Neath council and the NHS we are extremely proud of the customer service we provide to our clients.

Here’s 4 signs indicating you are actually dealing with a trusted and professional commercial cleaning company in Swansea:

Genuine Company address

An established and reputed service provider will be stationed at a proper address and will have nothing to hide from their clients.

People generally have no issue in sharing their contact details but make sure that the company you are considering has their office located at a proper site and has enough clients in the past to back up their work.


If you are hiring a professional cleaning company for the first time, do not ever forget to check their previous work and contracts they are servicing. Conduct a background check – go through the customer’s reviews and feedback. If you are still apprehensive, contact their previous clients and ask them about the quality of the company’s services.

This will help you in deciding whether the company you are planning to hire are reliable or not.


An established professional cleaning service provider would certainly have this quality and this is what helps them to be distinctive in what they do.

Any provider who is highly professional both in terms of their work and behavior would certainly be appreciated by their clients. Clients want a cleaning company that arrives on time, completes all their cleaning tasks meticulously and follows the defined protocols precisely.

Quality and consistency is at the root of our foundations as a business and we are leading the pack when it comes to commercial cleaning services in Swansea and the South Wales region.

Fully vetted and uniformed staff.

A reputed sign of a highly professional cleaning company would like everything to the point – be it their punctuality or the preciseness with which they carry out their work or their cleaners in uniform.

And as they want to be taken seriously they would make every possible attempt to impress their clients by adopting standard company guidelines.

When you are hiring any professional industrial cleaning company see that their cleaners come in uniforms and carry proper ID cards with them. This will certainly give you some peace of mind as you will be assured that there are no nameless faces roaming around the corridors of your facility, these are some important signs one should bear in mind before they hire any professional cleaning service provider.

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