How to Professionally clean a carpet? Here’s the full process broken down.

1.Pre-inspection of carpets to determine the carpet fiber and the current condition of the carpet. We can then choose a suitable method to clean and match it up with an appropriate chemical

2. Thorough pre-vacuum of all carpeted areas

3. Spot stain removal. We carry a wide range of stain removal detergents to target coffee, wine, vomit, blood, pet urine and many more.

4. Pre-treatment of all carpeted areas using targeted detergents depending on material and condition.

5. Hot water extraction using industry leading equipment to apply hot water onto the carpeted areas shampooing and cleaning the fibers whilst simultaneously extracting any dirt and germs.

5. Sanitiser and odour neutraliser – We understand the importance of having clean carpets that smell fresh. With all of our treatments we apply a scented deodouriser and sanitiser as part of the package.

6. Stain protection – It is important to give your carpets a long life.  We offer stain protection as an optional extra, this helps provide longevity to your carpets and helps protect them if any future stains occur

Know you know how to professionally clean a carpet why not call in the professionals to bring your carpets back to life.


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