What is the best way to clean render?


 Soft Washing

Not dissimilar from jet washing, Soft washing is an alternative way to clean render that uses low-pressure equipment. It is still pressure washing your render, but there is less risk of breaking your render whilst trying to clean it.

Most render can be cleaned using soft washing, as it is substantially less dangerous for the render than using a pressure washer for the render cleaning. Monocouche, coloured render, lime, acrylic, silicone, sand and cement, and even pebbledash are all fine to be cleaned with a soft wash. Just make sure you’re careful when render cleaning, no matter what you use. A soft washing cleaning process will look like this:

  1. Remove any moss or ivy from the wall using a brush. Gently prod the greenery away.
  2. Apply a fungicidal and mould removal detergent to strip your render surface of any mould and algae growth. This will make cleaning render much easier, and will prevent the mould and algae from causing any further damage and discolouration.
  3. Rinse your first treatment with a low-pressure washing,
  4. Apply another treatment, this time just a suitable detergent to remove stains and dirt caused by weathering. Brush this onto the wall carefully, then leave for a short while.
  5. Once you’ve left the treatment to do its job, it’s time for render cleaning. Using the low-pressure washer, target any marks and discoloration as you clean render.
  6. Apply a layer to protect the clean render. This will mean that you will be able to leave it longer before doing any more render cleaning. It provides a hydrophobic coating to the clean render, preventing damp and organic growth from causing staining

Soft washing is also a fantastic way to clean roofs.

It is non damaging and long lasting.

Softwashing is suitable on many surfaces such as:

K Rend cleaning Weber render cleaning, Pebbledash cleaning, Cement Render cleaning, Brick, Stone, Roof tiles, Decking, Wood, Kingspan Cladding, Painted Surfaces or as preparation for painting. Tarmac and Asphalt and all patio and paving surfaces.

Whether you need help with cleaning K Rend walls, Cement roof tiles, or even painted walls get in touch for a free no obligation quote or just some friendly advice


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What is render?

Render is an excellent choice for the external finish of both commercial and domestic properties. Simple to apply, easy to maintain and affordable, render gives the building a crucial waterproof layer and a smart, attractive aesthetic. Property owners need to keep it free from algae, fungi and staining to keep render looking good.

Properly maintaining your modern render will ensure your building is protected from the elements, and its exterior looks good for as long as possible. By continuing to read this blog post, you can learn more.

One Stop Solutions are external cleaning experts and restoration specialists. Based in Swansea we cover all areas of South Wales delivering a first class service to our customers. Trusted by local councils and other large organisations you know your in safe hands.




We bring several benefits to your property, not just making it clean.

K Rend is a great render that’s designed to help make your property look good as well as serving a very important function. It helps to protect the brickwork underneath, which helps to keep your property safe.

Our specially designed technique will help to:

  • Protect your property from a build-up of microorganism growth
  • Prevent excess staining or marks
  • Make your building look like new
  • Save money on repainting your K Rend

Our soft washing service is specially designed to tackle microorganisms and sterilise the surface of your render. Microorganisms, such as algae, live on the surface of walls and can produce that green staining look. Our cleaning methods help to prevent this and leave your surface sterile, helping to prevent the future growth of algae. This helps to keep your render cleaner for longer, helping to maximise the return on investment of our cleaning service.

Your building will look like new once we’re finished. Our specialist cleaning method is designed to cut through any marks or stains on your render and help to bring back that original colour and design, making your building look like it’s just been built. We love seeing the reaction that building owners have when they see their property once we’re done and how good it can look, and we’d love to give you that same feeling.

Another way of achieving this new look on a building is to have your K Rend repainted, which can cost a lot of money to do. We’re dedicated to helping bring those benefits to you for much less, so not only will you reap the benefits of our cleaning technology, but you’ll also save money compared to repainting the entire property.


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