How much is commercial cleaning per hour?


The price ranges can vary for commercial office cleaning as different companies and individual contractors all price their packages according to different factors.

Many companies and individuals will also want to do a site evaluation beforehand, and this is the most accurate way of gaining prices to compare between.

A site evaluation will involve someone from the company coming to view the size of the area you want cleaning and then giving you an approximate price for their services


You will see a fluctuation in prices when receiving quotes from individual and company contractors so it’s best to make sure you find out what exactly is included in the quote to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.

The cost of a general clean for a commercial office tends to be charged  per hour, though this rate may change depending on your location. As the name suggests, a general clean won’t be too in-depth but the office will be left in good condition.

A more extensive clean, which could involve cleaning all the nooks and crannies as well as wiping down all surfaces, is likely to be much more expensive rate.

The time required for cleaning commercial offices will differ depending on the size of the office and the number of cleaners working. Generally, a smaller office will take between one to four hours to clean, whereas a much larger office could take from six to eight hours.

In the aftermath of COVID-19, intensive cleaning has become necessary for many commercial offices.

An anti-viral fogging treatment has a very wide range for its potential cost, as it depends entirely on the size of the office. Typically, costs start in the low hundreds from £210 and could raise to as much as £1,000 or more.

A disinfection treatment for a commercial office is estimated to cost £249 per hour for the first treatment and £192 for subsequent treatments.

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What Affects the Cost of Commercial Cleaning?

Several different factors will impact the final cost of a commercial office clean. Being aware of these factors gives you a head start on saving money on your budget – let’s get into it!

The Size of the Office

As demonstrated in the table above, the size of the office does have a substantial impact on the cost of office cleaning. This is because the larger the office, the more time and potentially labour is required to get the clean completed.

If you have a larger office, you should anticipate larger costs for office cleaning.

How Many Hours of Cleaning You Need

Some companies will offer package deals on pricing relating to the cost of hours of cleaning needed per week. This will be estimated during the site evaluation and, depending on the size of the office as well as the type of cleaning needed, could range from 10 hours a week to 70 hours a week.

You could potentially save money by opting for a package deal instead of paying for individual hours. It’s a good idea to find out if any company or individual you’re interested in hiring for commercial cleaning offers these types of packages.

Whether Your Office Needs a General Clean or a Deep Clean

As noted in the table above, the more intense the cleaning job is, the longer time it will take to complete and the more expensive the final price of the job will cost.

There will be a difference in the amount of labour for each type of clean, and therefore, in the amount of time needed to routinely clean the office to a high standard.

A deep clean is typically more expensive and uses more specialist equipment as well as taking more labour time. It involves ‘deeper’ cleaning than an average vacuum and dust and will really scrub up your office well, but it does invoke extra costs that you can aim to avoid with good, regular cleaning.

In terms of hygiene, it’s good practice to have a deep clean of an office space at least once a year. In light of the current pandemic, it might be a good idea to increase the amount of cleaning that goes on in your office to keep your employees safe and morale high.

How Often Your Office Needs Cleaning

If you choose to have regular office cleaning, then the overall cost is likely to be higher as you’ll be paying for more cleans. However, some companies do offer packages so that it’s more cost effective to purchase more than one clean.

If you choose to have a one-off clean, while this is less expensive than choosing a cleaning contract, the cost of the one-off clean may actually be higher than if you choose a package deal.

Consider whether you would benefit from a cleaning contract than purchasing multiple ‘one-off’ cleans.

Whether You or the Cleaning Company Supplies the Cleaning Materials

Due to COVID-19, the quality required of cleaning materials has changed and it is no longer acceptable to have a single mop and duster for every office room that is being cleaned.

You will need to communicate with any company or individual you plan to hire as to whether or not the cleaning materials they’ll use are included in their quote for the job. It is more likely that you will be expected to provide the cleaning materials than it is that they will be provided for you.

If you are expected to provide the cleaning materials, this is an extra cost that you should budget for and ensure that you have purchased all the necessary materials such as mops, dusters, vacuums, buckets, gloves, dustpans and more, as well as high standard cleaning fluids and chemicals

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