The benefits of DOFF steam cleaning.

When it comes to cleaning stone, brick and other materials DOFF cleaning can be extremely beneficial for both individuals and businesses. The DOFF cleaning technique refers to a steam cleaning system used specifically for brick, stone, concrete and removing graffiti. This type of steam cleaning is used on external walls and other building areas that require a intensive clean without causing any damage to the structure and substrate. Internal cleaning can be achieved via a DOFF vacuum recovery system.

For DOFF steam cleaning in Swansea reach out to one of our dedicated team members who can thoroughly walk you through your requirements.

In order to effectively sterilise an area and eliminate moss, fungi and other biological matter from a structure, the DOFF machine method uses pressurised heated water to cleanly remove spores and prevent future regrowth.

The pressure of the water is low (just enough to apply the amount of pressure required to remove debris) but the temperature of the water is quite high. This ensures the best results and prompt drying of the surfaces leaving the site completely free of mess and fully operational with no down time.




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What is the DOFF system used for?

Cleaning with DOFF in the UK is extremely versatile and can be used to remove a number of common and stubborn stains and blemishes including:

  • Removing wax coatings
  • Clearing surfaces of fungi, moss, algae and hidden spores
  • Cleaning off other biological matter (including chewing gum)
  • Removing paint coatings
  • Getting rid of unsightly vermin or bird fouling
  • Eradicating certain types of graffiti

The DOFF Cleaning system is recommended for use by many architects and restoration companies, including ourselves. Our expert technicians will go above and beyond to make certain your project is undertaken with the utmost care to ensure your building is preserved as intended.

Whether you’re looking to clean damaged or sensitive surfaces or want to get rid of biological matter on all manner of stone, brick and concrete surfaces and structures. Our DOFF cleaning service can help you to achieve your objective easily with no harm to the environment.


Why use a Doff machine for Wood?

Wood is commonly used to clad buildings and add detail to a structure. As wood is a natural material, it is prone to the growth of algae, moss and mould. It can also suffer discolouration caused by rust staining and pollution. Doff machines can remove most impurities from wood quickly and easily. This includes paint, varnish and other finishes that might have been applied to the surface of the timber.


Why use a Doff machine for stone?

Like brick, stone becomes soft and brittle over time. Using pressure washing, or other inappropriate cleaning processes to remove staining and discolouration can result in damage to the stonework. As a lot of stonework on period properties is beautifully carved, this damage can have a significant impact on the aesthetic of the façade.

The best way to protect stone during the cleaning process is to use a Doff machine. Like brick, stone responds well to cleaning at high temperatures. The 150˚C steam is able to lift virtually all types of staining and discolouration from the surface of stone, without damaging the substrate.

Doff machines are designed so that water doesn’t penetrate deeply into the surface being cleaned. This allows stone, and other materials, to dry quickly, further minimising any potential damage to the surface.

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