How much does roof cleaning cost in Swansea?

When looking to have your roof cleaned we strongly advise you have your roof cleaned by a professional roof cleaning contractor like One Stop Solutions who cleans roofs day in day out for a full time living and not an odd job man who is willing to give it a go for some weekend beer money.

Using the wrong cleaning agents, pressure and techniques could result in serious damage to you home, not to forget the safety aspect of working at height.

When looking for a roof cleaning contractor have you checked if ​the person/company quoting your roof tick the following boxes?


  • Have the relevant training tickets to be working at height and operating access machinery or even training in erecting portable scaffolding towers?
  • Have the correct insurances in place to cover your property and their business operations
  • Have the correct knowledge on different types of tiles and the methods of cleaning
  • Have previous case studies they can showcase their work



Factors Influencing Roof Cleaning Costs

Working out the cost of roof cleaning isn’t a generic process. A lot of factors come into play, from the size and condition of your roof to its accessibility and even labour costs. The square footage of the roof plays a vital role in determining prices. Larger roofs require more man power / product than a smaller roof so will naturally have a higher cost attached.


The Size Of Your Roof

The size of your roof area to be cleaned,  a larger roof area will take a longer to clean and therefore cost more. Generally the larger the roof area the more complex the process can become.

Shape Of Your Roof & Access

There are many different variations of shapes of roof from a straight forward up and over roof, to more complex roof shapes including hip ends, roof valleys and dormer windows etc. More complex roof shapes can come with access issues which would require the use of a cherry picker / MWEP which obviously has an influence on the cost of cleaning your roof. Cherry picker hire rates raise the cost by approximately £250-£500 per day.

Your Roof Tile Material

Roof tiles come in many materials with the main ones that we see are made with concrete, natural clay and natural slate. Each of the tiles has a suitable method to clean, ranging from a manual scrape and biocide treatment for cleaning concrete roof tiles, through to a steam clean and biocide treatment suited to clay tiles and roofing slates.

Type & Shape Of Your Roof Tiles

Clay and Slate roof tiles are generally totally flat and easier to clean than shaped concrete tiles, however concrete tiles can also be flat. Shaped concrete tiles such as Marley Eternit Double Roman or the Marley Eternit Ludlow which are both a very popular roof tile are very time consuming to clean due to the shaped profile.

Commercial buildings often have metal clad roof tops which are steam cleaned.

Location Of Your Home

If your house is set on a hillside it can make access very difficult, especially where a cherry picker would be needed as MWEP’s do not work on steep inclines. In this instance a safe roof cleaning contractor would resort to scaffolding towers . Scaffolding is generally used as a last resort due to the expense and disturbance at your home.

Other location concerns would be if your home is set close to a stream, river, lake or any other body of water as chemicals used to repel moss growth are inherently harmful to aquatic life – that being said there are safe options that can be used in this scenario but they are more expensive than the usual treatments


Roof Cleaning Near me.

One Stop Solutions are trusted and recommended when it comes to roof cleaning in Swansea and throughout South Wales. With valued clients such as Swansea Council, NHS facilities and Aldi to name a few, rest assured you are in safe hands when working with us. All our staff are trained to work at height and have thorough knowledge of the right methods of delivery.

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