How to clean K-rend.


Firstly, What is K-Rend Render?


You might have heard of K rend if you’ve been thinking about having your property rendered, yet what exactly is it?


K-rend is actually a brand that manufactures render throughout the United Kingdom. This brand produces a particular type of render – a thick coating that is mineral-based. Mineral render brings about multiple benefits, such as breathability, which means it prevents problems with moisture from getting trapped within your walls

One Stop Solutions are K-Rend cleaning specialists in the Swansea and South Wales area.

Can you paint K-Rend?


You can paint over K-rend but only with the correct paint once the surface has been cleaned properly by a professional, but what could happen if you did paint over a dirty render without having cleaned it first.


Without a specialist cleaning your render beforehand, or using the wrong paint, painting over it will trap water inside of the walls – leading to cracks and dampness in the near future. Painting over it is a very temporary solution and will only lead to more complex problems further down the line.

You can prevent these problems by booking a render cleaning service from our specialists. Offering cost-effective benefits due to our creative access solutions, you are in safe hands. Learn more about our K-render cleaner team.



  • Treating the surface with an appropriate cleaning solution or biocide prior to cleaning. This will kill and loosen organic material and start breaking down pollutants. We do this via a process called soft washing, as the name suggests it involves no high pressure and is incredibly safe for render cleaning.
  • We then clean the render using low-pressure steam, again preventing damage to the surface but removing all visible staining.
  • Finally we apply biocide once again to prevent spores growing and prolonging the life of your clean render.


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Soft washing is a technique adopted in the UK from the USA. As the name suggests it’s the cleaning of a surface without the need for high-pressure water, surfaces such as wood, UPVC, Render or roofs are typically soft washed. Although it can be used to clean brick and concrete if needed.
General Maintenance

K Rend facades are a low maintenance finish, which will require the minimum of upkeep. We recommend light cleaning and maintenance from time to time. This will be dependent on factors such as weathering, spores in the atmosphere and smog in urban areas.

All of these factors have an influence on the overall appearance of the finished render, which has been installed or applied to any finished facade. These appearance changes are nothing to be concerned about, as they are a natural phenomenon.

What to Expect from our Service

K-Rend Cleaning

Highly effective low impact soft cleaning method with outstanding results without damaging the render

Render Cleaning

As with K-Rend Cleaning, our Way of Cleaning standard Render produces incredible results

Biocide Treatment

Severely restricts the regrowth of mold and algae on rendered walls, leaving the render cleaner for longer

Colour Restoration

Completely restoring the original colour. You’ll be amazed at how bright and clean the render will look after we’re finished

Cost Effective

This method costs a lot less than for the render to be painted, plus will last longer due to the biocide.

100% Satisfaction

We are confident that you’ll be 100% satisfied with our outstanding results we achieve.

For Render cleaning in Swansea, One Stop Solutions are your trusted professionals whether it be commercial or domestic clients, we service a large portfolio of clients on a regular basis. To obtain a free quotation reach out to one of the team on 01792 439179

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