How much does commercial carpet cleaning cost?


While every carpet cleaning company has their own methods, it does come down to a few factors. This typically includes:

  • The size of your property and how many carpets you have laid down
  • The type of carpet you have, and the level of thickness of the carpet
  • The condition of your carpets, and how much cleaning they are going to need
  • The level of detail that is needed to clean the carpets that you have
  • The method of carpet cleaning that you choose suited to the construction of the carpet.
  • The level of experience of the carpet cleaning firm at that moment in time
  • How far away the carpet cleaning company has to travel to take on your job

So, if you wish to hire a carpet cleaning service then you will probably need to focus on the cost of carpet cleaning as your first point of conversation. However, the cost of a carpet cleaner is going to be determined by the above; you might be more or less than the national average. It also comes down to the level of cleanliness of your carpets; if you have not cleaned them yourself for a long time, they might need a more thorough cleaning service which naturally costs more.

Time, too, plays a big role in determining the cost of a carpet cleaning service. If your carpets take a long time to clean and restore, then that has to be factored into the cost.

Commercial Carpets Vinyls

One Stop Solutions is a leading commercial cleaning company based in Swansea and operating throughout the South Wales area. Known for our precise cleaning and excellent customer service, we are the chosen commercial carpet cleaning firm. How much does commercial carpet cleaning cost? enquire today on 01792 439179.


Choosing A Commercial Carpet Cleaning Method / Which Carpet Cleaning Method Should You Choose?


The method of cleaning to use when you are cleaning your home’s carpets is different from that of professional cleaning. For example, if you have a pet, you should use a method that does not leave behind any chemical residue. And in a professional setting, you have to consider the foot traffic and people’s comfort and go for a method that leaves little or no moisture and dries quickly.

Type of Carpet

Some carpets do not work well with moisture while some might need frequent vacuuming with or without moisture. And the method you use for rug cleaning might not work for light carpet cleaning.

Cleaning Product

Dry cleaners manufacturers produce their carpet cleaners solutions, some of their ingredients might not be safe if you have a pet. If you are cleaning carpets with any carpet cleaner and it leaves residues, you have to know the type of cleaning product it supports to ensure your and your pet’s safety.

Ease of Use

If a cleaning method requires you to use a motorized brush that you do not know how to use, it is best to use another easier method than create more dirt and damage to the carpet in the process. If you do not know how to use a method yet you prefer it, you can call a professional cleaning company to help you out.


Some methods are cheaper than others. If you can only afford bonnet cleaning, there is no need to pay for the hot method extracting method. As long as the cleaning method you choose is effective and cleans your carpet. Stick to it and get professional cleaners over once in a year or two.

In conclusion

The best method depends on your preference and the factors stated above. Even though most carpets are suitable for the hot extraction method, it might not be the best method considering the environment. Instead of having to worry about what method and materials to use to get a clean carpet, employ the services of professional cleaners.

We offer commercial, office, hotel, and residential carpet cleanings at affordable prices. We can help you determine the right cleaning method and we use a suitable professional machine to give you a professional clean.


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